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    Shin splints

    First time exercises and over doing it can cause horrific shin splints. I got them in high school tennis one year after a winter lay off. Excruciating. Ice/heat, ben-gay, lots of massage and lotions and a couple weeks of gentle return to activities should cure the discomfort.
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    Hamstring injury that won't go away

    Re-injury of the hamstrings is common. Rest, daily stretching (but don't be nuts and try to over do it, just stretch to the vague sensation of tightness and leave it at that, don't push it!), gentle massage, alternate ice/heat when it flares up and hope for the best. It can take several months...
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    Ankle Brace for High Ankle Sprain

    Try the brace. If you have too many symptoms then consider surgery.
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    Inguinal hernia surgery.

    Hernias, well they're a pain. Think weak tissues and tears that allow abdominal contents to push through the opening. Mesh is often advisable over simply suturing the weak areas closed for extra support. Any surgery generally means trimming of tissues, fulguration (burning) of tissues to limit...
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    Knee arthritis

    Recurring joint fluid is a sign of chronic inflammation in the knee joint. As it is a weigh bearing joint and subject to a lot of motion healing can take months or years. A good result following drainage and a steroid injection can be a good sign but the risk of recurrence is high. Excercise and...
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    The sad truth to this push for performance and mass is the massive amount of misinformation, hype, marketing, and narcissism that wreaks havoc with logic, sanity, and health. A good buddy of mine died listening and believing every "health guru" who came along and tried literally dozens of...
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    Heart Health

    In reality it is a complex issue/equation. Regular exercise + low animal fat diet (meat, eggs, cheese, even fish, milk, ice cream, cream cheese, should be reduced significantly) + more fiber will help. If you already have plaque then statins are a must with rare exceptions. Yes, there is a tiny...
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    Heart Health

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    Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    More likely a pinched nerve in your cervical spine. Might be time for an MRI of your neck.
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    trigger finger

    Massage those tendons and hope the injections help, otherwise you might need tendon release surgery.
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    Can we talk about calisthenics?

    Cautious weight training in the elderly is fine. Personally, I think it’s better to concentrate on cardiovascular and supplement it with lighter weights and higher reps.
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    As for shingles of the face that can be brutal. Calamine is worth a try. A mild topical anesthetic cream could too. Plenty of rest and a healthy diet. Good luck.
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    That looks fungal.
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    Elbow Tendinitis

    More rest, simple range of motion flexibility maneuvers.
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    subacromial shoulder bursitis?

    Hard to diagnose or guess based on what I read here, but in my world I’d examine carefully and at this point consider the steroid injection. Voltaren gel is also a consideration.