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Hi, I was reviewing the old Bonzer posts and saw that you were considering an Octafish. Did you ever get one? I really want one but can't find any used ones and not sure I'm ready to pull the trigger on a custom. I'm just looking for rider info. Thanks
Hey man, so sorry, I'm just now seeing this. I actually got a MB5 from Jacob Campbell just recently. So I have no input on the Octafish. I would still love to get one but, between my Egg and MB5, I'm all set for now.
just looking to get an idea of what the lower range would be. graphic on chest with some lettering, all single color. for an under under 50 pieces how much should i be looking to pay per print and per shirt.

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asked for a quote and will let you know.
Ok he said 42+ is the normal minimum order
$18-22 for. Zip up fleece hoody with one color lettering
you should pay around $5-7 for screen printing per color/side and hoodie price is variable dependent on quality

sh!t did you mean t shirt prices? I can get those too