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Hy bro, i jsut sent you a message about one of your board, i would love if you could read it ! thanks man
it ain't nude or sexual. what are you, some sort of xtian oath keeper, promise ring, whatever you fairy tale types call yourselves?
Bob Dobbalina
Someone dropped a nude in the thread a few posts in.
I thought it was common courtesy to not do that.
Not sure why it feels so personal for you.
"Hey Simon ~ Hope this finds you well. Might you be able to "sticky" SH3'a post, "Paddling for ASL" thread for a bit. Ashley might / would appreciate it ...
Thank You,
Hi Ted, I'm in north OC. Do you make your way north anytime soon? if so, how far? I work in south OC and can try to check board out before work.
Hi- I’m out of town until Saturday- but next week I’ll be around. I could surf north county San Diego, as far north as Encinitas, early AM on Tuesdays or Thursdays before work and meet you around there.