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dude...scoring a fugggin epic condition sprintboard for $400!!!!!!! durftech but whatever!!!!!!!!
WHICH ONE? The first one they made is for 130 pound Jack Bark. The new ones are for 185 pound Jack Bark.

If you're using it for surfing, the small one will be just as great. If it's for paddling only, pull in the reins a hair! I have a 70kg rated Kracka (I'm more of a 75-80 kg guy) that I use for surfing. It's stupid fun.
20W-50 and blood
20W-50 and blood
grye one...guessing it is the first one they made. gonna be used for waves,maybe a few miles once in a billion years..prob wont be able to knee paddle it n dont give half a chit....used to proning in then popping to my knees on a 9 fot junior guard one that i broke over summer....was so bummed. that thing made musburger days damn fun. STOKED to grab this thing.

what's the whisper on the classic?
good Morning.
what is the 6' and how much ya asking? 5 fin or 4? does it have all Gregs fins?
I'm actually in Colorado now so I cannot read the stringer for additional dimensions - Its a 5 or 4 fin - white and looking for $300 but negotiable.