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griffin hovercraft--when you run the keels do yo mount them in the front position of the rear position?
which keels are you using?
my hovercraft only has rear fin boxes. it doesn't have front boxes for the canards of a twinzer set up, which GG did in later iterations of the hovercraft. i would put the keels in the rear boxes.

i'm using the keels GG made for the the board. they are the two large fins show in the pic.
kernow ?
I kitesurf and foil also , GW sightings pretty much every month . Last attack about 6 months ago.
you got to surf
I should remind myself every day in the sea.... no GWS. Every shark attack news story I'm like... not here! (yet)
I actually like the cool water here (except deepest winter) as I overheat very easily.
We live in Zelah but maybe moving to France when we sell the house as things in the uk are not to our political/environmental tastes.
I've never done kite/foil but our local pub landlord is a kiter of repute apparently.
you paddling at all? frickin today deleiverd some downwind goodness right out front! not the "cleanest" downwind...but damn taht was fun. NEEDED!