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I live in Monmouth cty, Allenhurst area, if I can help orient ya on this side buzz me. Graduated High School with Steve Liss, whom I have not seen since than , another life , and by the time he showed up on Kaui I was gone. Had some great times with him at Newbreak. Rick Henrichsen
Ha, Steve is a good friend, as are Betsy and Amber. have a custom quadfish he made for me hanging on my wall (don't tell him it's on the wall he/ll get pised!!!) I was actully born and raised in NY, so I'm about as local as it gets here lol
How do you like your Huevo Ranchero? Im on the hunt for one
Love it. Been surfing it all summer. It’s a 6 10 so bigger than I normally surf, but catches everything.
it popped up on clist close to home. also pleased with bullet proof construction.
it’s a 2+1 so getting used to more of a glide feeling rather than pumping it, like shortboard. It’s a keeper.