New to San Diego, could you give me an overview?


Gerry Lopez status
Jun 30, 2009
North County used to be the holy grail but now every parking lot is packed at dawn. ***True - dont bother - stick to LJ/PB/MB/OB

Carlsbad has great surf with miles of clean water. ***False - water smells like egg farts and there have been multiple sharks breaching daily

Oceanside, great surf, lots of good spots. ***False - close outs at every tide from harbor Jetty all the way south to Army Navy Academy
Sep 13, 2018
If you got the impression that PB/MB was unwelcoming don't go to the LJ reefs, south cliffs or the MB and OB jetties. If you do go, go alone, don't paddle straight to the peak, and don't be a kook. Some spots are worse than others as far as the vibe goes but if you can surf at an actual intermediate level (snaps, cutbacks, floaters, small tubes all front and backside) and display etiquette you'll get waves. And if you can go midday during the week crowds thin out quite a bit.