New to San Diego, could you give me an overview?


Sep 4, 2019
Hello guys, after 3 years suffering from the waves in Florida, I finally made my way to the West Coast. Living in San Diego for 1 month, I basically surfed Ocean Beach. I'm living in Mission Valley/Gorge and OB is a fair distance that allows me to surf in weekdays, plus my GF works in the area.

I'd say I'm an intermediate surfer. I can catch my waves but work with big competition and a people swimming makes the surf more stressful than relaxing. So, I care more for it than the conditions itself.

Scripps/La Jolla seems very inconsistent. Following surf reports and MSW, never dared to go there. Is there just unluck of this month or is usually this way?

Horseshoe/Windansean/Birdrock - Any information here is welcome. Never been there

Pacific Beach / Mission beach - Only been there without a surfboard. Had the impression it is not a very welcoming environment.

Sunset Cliffs / Point Loma - - Any information here is welcome. Never been there

And last but not least, do you guys recommend any place to buy a wetsuit? Does it worth to go to outlets? Any recommended brand? I have almost zero experience with wetsuits. I do have a ONeal 3/4 but it is too small. Hard to put in and out and the water gets trapt inside, can't goes through my legs.

Thank you in advance :)


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Feb 22, 2005
Stay away from the popular spots. You can always find a peak to yourself somewhere in Mission Beach and PB. Don't paddle out on top of anyone. If there is someone surfing a peak by themselves, walk down to the next peak and paddle out. Lots of open beachbreak in that region. Learn what tides it likes best.

Go to Mitch's in La Jolla for a wetsuit. Great shop.

Oneill makes a great wetsuit. Try on their Technobutter suits. Those are really comfortable. Get a 3/2 for around here.
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Feb 23, 2009
Cleirmount surf shop is nice

Del Mar 15 street is nice cause the swimmers are on one side and surfers on the other

O side pier has fun surf on both sides of the pier , north side being a fraction less good but a bit more mellow



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Dec 31, 2008
HS is a wave you'll want to avoid. Look for the softer waves in LJ, mostly in the south end. Cliffs are more user friendly for the most part. General rule: Higher tide for most of LJ and most beachbreaks, lower tides for Cliffs.


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May 14, 2005
Go to the Ocean Beach Jetty and Burn everyone, especially the angry bald dude. If he gives you any lip, tell em stink bait sent ya!

JK But I did like surfing that right for the limited time I spent there.