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    dumpster diver
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    Who are the best surfers in America right now?

    His wipeout reel was intense, a lot more big waves than I expected
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    Mental Health thread

    Had a few days off, hit the home gym, ate good. Burned off a lil steam. Upset I didn't get to see all the family I wanted to. Change of plans suddenly and I had locked in with GF fam. We have been doing Xmas separate last few years and people think we are crazy, I think it helps us stay sane!
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    Who are the best surfers in America right now?

    These are guys I think could do well on tours or at least have a career as air guys. As much as I clown him, Zeke doing weird sh!t like superman fingerflips, and I am stoked to see a younger generation be jackasses considering they are all seemingly straight edge and into fitness. I am...
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    Who are the best surfers in America right now?

    Robbie reminds me or Gorkin Kei was a tiny grom got shredded and is now layin down heavy hacks Jett went from good to great on lost to sharpeye transition Kade needs some work but he surfs very clinical, and contest style. Also just realized that matheus herdy is just brazilian kade
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    Who are the best surfers in America right now?

    Ian Crane, , Noah Beschen, Robbie McCormick (florida), Jett Schilling looking good on sharpeye now, Kei Kobiyashi, Nolan Rapalooza, Kade Matson,
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    Mental Health thread

    1 week back into working out, making such a difference why did I ever stop. (injuries duh, shoulder going clicky clicky and not helping my surfing much) trying to do more leg stuff took 2 days off last week was making a bunch of mistakes at work and my boss was saying I hadn't taken a day off...
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    Lebron vs Stewart Nba fight!

    I had very close to court seats and it really puts it in perspective just how massive these guys were. You always think they are string beans compared to football but they are YUGE up close and fast as hell
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    Lebron vs Stewart Nba fight!

    I thought he was over reacting until I saw the blood, 5 stitches and was pouring blood. Lebron gets away with this all the time.
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    Can we talk about the METAVERSE?

    I was just reading about a crazy banking scam in 2nd life where the Feds got involved and this was 15 years ago probably lol
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    Rusty Miso

    wasn't this one of yours
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    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    one is just spicy dijon honey mustard and the other is regular old school mustard depends on the sandwich my dude
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    Brownfish. Mid 90s.

    prob Hildo on Elride if I had to guess
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    Rate your Skillz

    idk about yall but after watching all these mason ho edits my floaters are all time I've done more floaters in the past year than my entire career (career!? lol)