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I live in Monmouth cty, Allenhurst area, if I can help orient ya on this side buzz me. Graduated High School with Steve Liss, whom I have not seen since than , another life , and by the time he showed up on Kaui I was gone. Had some great times with him at Newbreak. Rick Henrichsen
Ha, Steve is a good friend, as are Betsy and Amber. have a custom quadfish he made for me hanging on my wall (don't tell him it's on the wall he/ll get pised!!!) I was actully born and raised in NY, so I'm about as local as it gets here lol
How do you like your Huevo Ranchero? Im on the hunt for one
Love it. Been surfing it all summer. It’s a 6 10 so bigger than I normally surf, but catches everything.
it popped up on clist close to home. also pleased with bullet proof construction.
it’s a 2+1 so getting used to more of a glide feeling rather than pumping it, like shortboard. It’s a keeper.
“We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.”
—Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Hi, I was reviewing the old Bonzer posts and saw that you were considering an Octafish. Did you ever get one? I really want one but can't find any used ones and not sure I'm ready to pull the trigger on a custom. I'm just looking for rider info. Thanks
Hey man, so sorry, I'm just now seeing this. I actually got a MB5 from Jacob Campbell just recently. So I have no input on the Octafish. I would still love to get one but, between my Egg and MB5, I'm all set for now.
just looking to get an idea of what the lower range would be. graphic on chest with some lettering, all single color. for an under under 50 pieces how much should i be looking to pay per print and per shirt.

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asked for a quote and will let you know.
Ok he said 42+ is the normal minimum order
$18-22 for. Zip up fleece hoody with one color lettering
you should pay around $5-7 for screen printing per color/side and hoodie price is variable dependent on quality

sh!t did you mean t shirt prices? I can get those too
you seen that 14 footer in SB that is on craigs? if not looking to race....12 sucks to start, 18 is overkill....14 is mony just for kicks and exercise
dude...scoring a fugggin epic condition sprintboard for $400!!!!!!! durftech but whatever!!!!!!!!
WHICH ONE? The first one they made is for 130 pound Jack Bark. The new ones are for 185 pound Jack Bark.

If you're using it for surfing, the small one will be just as great. If it's for paddling only, pull in the reins a hair! I have a 70kg rated Kracka (I'm more of a 75-80 kg guy) that I use for surfing. It's stupid fun.
20W-50 and blood
20W-50 and blood
grye one...guessing it is the first one they made. gonna be used for waves,maybe a few miles once in a billion years..prob wont be able to knee paddle it n dont give half a chit....used to proning in then popping to my knees on a 9 fot junior guard one that i broke over summer....was so bummed. that thing made musburger days damn fun. STOKED to grab this thing.

what's the whisper on the classic?
good Morning.
what is the 6' and how much ya asking? 5 fin or 4? does it have all Gregs fins?
I'm actually in Colorado now so I cannot read the stringer for additional dimensions - Its a 5 or 4 fin - white and looking for $300 but negotiable.
hows it going? i'll grab these fins from you, wife and I lost the trailer somehow.

can do venmo or paypal, need em shipped to 96793.