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Aloha Dave ...My message was just an inquiry. A Friend of mine that lives and shapes boards here said he ran into a few surfers from your area and my friend was thinking of making the jump up your way. I told him I'd think about going along with him because I knew You from the Tofino area. I hope all is well with you and that the New Years brings you good health and prosperity!
Aloha Peter,

No worries and I'd be happy to help out in any way I can.

My phone # is 250-203-8349 should anyone wish to contact me after they get here.

All good here and our snow has all gone now so we're back to normal.

Rain and pissing SE winds. LOL

Take care,

PPK. Are you a survivalist??? I know you are a guy who rescues people. Your imprint on history. We are coming to the crux.
Looking for something that paddles well/ easy entry for average size the hook waist to chest high on an average day. What's the difference between the Modfish and Modfish2?
Happy Birthday amigo! Hey - can you shoot me that YouTube link you got of SITD?
THanks man. Here you go: Waxfoot sent it to me

Sweet - thanks for the link Brian! Let me know if/when you're ever back up in OR, it'd be fun to get some waves or fish.
I definitely will. We'll be up sometime just don't know when.
HowZit Bud ....
I saw this earlier when you posted yet forgot about your selling it. Do you still have it perhaps and what are you asking for it? You can shoot me a PM to my phone. Mahalo for your time and energy.
Peter (808) 346-3317
do you still have the noll fin? looking for some random longboard fins
Hi Kaser: I really appreciate all your posting about foiling ... some day when I get to Maui again, I look forward to sharing a session. A buddy is heading to Maui today, will bring kite stuff but not lugging sup and foil. Know anyone who rents them? He's just starting out, but 2 weeks there and he's going to come back a pro. Thanks in advance for any tips. John/juandesooka
Hey juandesooka,
I dont know of anyone that rents foils and boards. I do know that Giampaolo at Hi Tech surf shop in Kahului gives SUP foil lessons (on the side) and has all the gear. He might try him, at the least he could get a lesson. Tell him Jason sent him, I know Giampaolo well.
Thanks Kaser. My buddy (Brad) also said he wants to try out wingdinging, so maybe you got a hook-up for him? He is an expert kiter, surfer, sup'er, beginner/nearly intermediate sup foiler.
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Not sure where you can rent one as they're pretty new. Hi Tech or Second Wind would be a starting place to see.
Did you order from Gary in Oz or Franco in Puerto Rico? how can I order a board from Gary direct and have it shaped in Oz and shipped over to California? Thanks in advanced