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If it doesn’t stop raining and I can’t Mtb anytime soon I’m thinking Bunker will = Romanian Borat wants to learn to surf on the Black Sea and comes to the erBB for advice.
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Stocked up on weed/edibles at the disc golf course in Philly today. It’s gonna be epic.

Last time I was this bored(not that long ago) I trolled the Reddit Joe Rogan forum so hard they were considering shutting it down/I got mentioned on a Podcast (PKA).
hey im looking into getting a honey badger, i saw your post about it.what do you typically take it out in. seems like a good mid for anything you throw at it (with a reasonable mindset) my plan is to just keep one of these at my parents in north orange county so i dont have to travel with any boards, will it surf 1 waist high waves as well as overhead?
im looking at a 6'8 with a twinzer or single option
great article thank you. Interestingly the author is from VB and went to the same med school I did. Going to start reading more. Thanks again!
Glad you found it interesting. If you subscribe to "up to date" Dr Baraki and Dr Feigenbaum with others published a paper on strength training and patient outcomes. It's a lot to read and digest at one sitting but there's some really good stuff there. If you reach out to Dr Baraki directly I'm certain he would share any material you're interested in.

What type of practice are you in?
Emergency Medicine .

Fortunately I get uptodate through work, I'll look it up! Thanks,please share any interesting finds on this topic.Thanks again!
I'll take the quad rears. Just let me know how you want payment
venmo is great - fryedfish

please send me address and I will get them out tomorrow. thanks!
Right between Sequoia and Kings Canyon yet in neither is the Buck Rock Lookout Station. The road going out there has some dispersed sites. The look out is way cool.
Hey, thanks for the offer. Thought you were still on Maui.

If we can get another family to go, we're thinking about shuttling the fun segments of the CT. If not, we're thinking about bikepacking the short loops in Eagle and Crested Butte.

Groms are 11 and 13, getting pretty good on their hardtails. Any insights/advice?

Thanks again,
I would have never considered CCL. Their PE and book ratios are outstanding. Think of the capital they have invested in the ships.
Hopefully the family is doing OK and your wife is overcoming her health challenges Quinn. With all the crap going on keep masks, sanitizers, and whatever else handy so her environment as safe as possible. If anything is needed, you already know there are a bunch of us who would welcome the opportunity to help if possible. Stay healthy, get covered when you get a chance. John
Bro, I am not trying to be devisive. You guys have gone through so many caucuses now to date. So many candidates left, fighting among themselves. You all need unity to win. Peace, steak.