Your current two board quiver


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Jan 11, 2002
The Bar

I had a magic Noah Budroe as well. My friends mom got it for $15 at a garage sale. It was too small for my chubby friend so he gave it to me. That thing was one of the top 5 boards I've ever owned.
I got one off the rack, it was a really good board, then ordered one from him and that one was amazing.

6'8" Barbera roundpin is working very well right now from waist high to DOH. I'd definitely surf it given OP - the current quiver. I don't really have a decent small wave board - Speed Demon is OK but on (very) last legs.
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Jan 21, 2014
West of the Atlantic. East of the ICW.
Been really digging a 6'4 Disco Cheater I picked up a couple months ago. Its amazingly good in everything from waist high to well overhead. I also have a 6'6 Disco I've been riding a lot but the Cheater IMHO is a better least between the two I have. The Cheater rides great on any wave I can get into......its only limitation is wave catching which is part me. The Disco catches waves better but for me only works in waves up to chest high. In bigger waves the tail on my Disco wants to slide out.

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Mar 30, 2009
You guys have some intricate choices for what is very normal waves.

You get to chose 2 boards to cover 2-6 foot faces, varying tides, beach break. What do you bring?

8'0 C bucket and 7'0 nautilus. not perfect but should cover anything from knee high low tide to overhead and high but looking for lower volume choices.

another consideration would be 6'0 WTF and 6'8 vector. not as much on the low or high tide end but better if surf is better.

what would you take? either current or ideal quiver.
If you need 2 mini-malibus to cover your surfing, then maybe you should find another hobby.

For 2-6 foot now I have one 33L shortboard with wider tail and one 31L shortboard with a narrower tail.
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Feb 22, 2005
Central California
How can your picklefork still be in such good condition!?!?! Mine looks like a prune...
This is a pic of when it was new, but it's still in pretty good shape.

I'm guessing you get a lot more UV wear when surfing your spots.

Mine usually only gets ridden during Santa Cruz fall/winters.
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