Legend (inyourownmind)
Jan 4, 2010
Sorry, not 100% YOLO relevant but I'm also about to order a Maurice Cole Twin Pin through XTR. I've been hesitating because I have no idea who's actually shaping them. Does anybody know who is shaping for Maurice via XTR? Or would my order be waiting until he visits CA again? Any relevant experience would be very appreciated.
It is, at least was Timmy Patterson, or his ghost shaper. It will likely be a long time before MC returns.
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Michael Peterson status
Jul 13, 2020
San Diego
Go read the info on his site about the new brand. Seems pretty straightforward and probably a damn smart business move, given the demand.
I googled Lovelace cnc and this article in mens journal came up.

He has put his theory to the test: “I think those of us that are really dedicated to hand-shaping feel the difference. I’ve done the experiment on myself and tried machine-shaped versions of my boards, then hand-shaped one, and I just feel happier on the hand-shaped one. I think what it is is the connection between the person building it and the actual board.”

so… he sells machine cuts now?