Oct 6, 2021
The 2x stringered 8.0 with color and 6x6x6 oz glassing i have are both listed as a 2 for flex value. Same dims and shape, but the 5'11 with slightly wider tail and 3-4 liters less volume is definitely heavier than the 6'5".

I thought my 6'5" was crazy light so I'm not mad about it all. Makes me think maybe the 6'5 didn't get the full 6x6x6, but it looks immaculate after 30+ sessions so whatever.

I like thicker boards so durability and longevity are way more important than the neglible amount of flex would get from a 2.5-2.75" thick board in waves under 7 ft.


Billy Hamilton status
Oct 7, 2020
How is your board on the 3rd page of the order status done before some on the first page? Whats the secret to greasing the palms over there?
Pay in full. lol.
Not sure if its true about Tomo's moving faster, because a few other labels are all done in house too, but its possible.
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OTF status
Mar 28, 2020
The last few I've gotten has had the flex listed at 2. The older ones before that had ratings of 3 or 4. They all still felt the same though so I take that rating with a grain of salt. Makes me wonder how they are coming up with those numbers. 8.c/wood stringer feels a little lighter than a pu board to me with a similar flex feel but a bit more spring overall.
ya i was wondering if the glassing affected the "flex value" my 8.0 stringered also says 2
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Kelly Slater status
Mar 5, 2008
Oceanside, CA
Any of you guys ever order a board in XTR without the carbon, meaning straight stringerless or with a wood stringer, no frills added? If so, how did you like the feel?
Many years ago, but had a Hynson BKQ in XTR with regular wood stringer that was absolutely
money. Many fond memories of waves on that one. I've had a handful of XTR boards since
with crazy carbon stuff, stringerless, combo of everything. None felt as good as that stringered board
for me. YMMV
If I were to order a custom XTR, I'd prob go stringer. May just do that before long.


OTF status
Jan 23, 2019
When I was ordering my XTR Plasmic I was wondering how the weight would compare to a PU or other epoxies. I went with the wood stringer and the 8.0 glassing. The only epoxy boards I’ve ridden previously are Firewires and I’ve tried all their various constructions. I would say my XTR feels similar in weight to the LFT Firewire construction. It is definitely lighter than PU IMO. As for durability time will tell. Only surfed it once so far.

Also, I found the XTR customer service to be excellent. They got the board done in 8 weeks even with the holidays and were very responsive to email.Based on the experience so far would definitely order another.