Why white evangelicals worship at the altar of Trumby.....

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Jan 23, 2002
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Evangelicals say Jesus won't come back to rule the world, until the Jews own the temple on the mount.

Also, the Torah ( old testament) says that the Jews are God's chosen, and whoever blesses Israel will be blessed by God. So basically, they will sell out the U.S. to make God happy.

Throw in some Gay hate, and the "Liberal Courts" letting the gays have things like Jobs and being able to buy food from anyone selling it. I mean really, can't we just put the gays in concentration camps like back when America was great? You know that if a man lies with another man, they are supposed to be stoned to death.
No mention of lesbians, because honestly, everybody likes lesbian porn.

God can use an imperfect tool like tRump to his Glory.

Then wash it all down with a swig of, " nobody is perfect, so who are we to judge tRump?" Except it's still ok to judge the gays, because, well, pepis touching pepis is just so gross.

And sadly, none of that post was exaggerated.
A thing I don't get about Evangelicals is that Jesus Christ should be about the new Covenant with God. You know, the whole 'love your brother as you love yourself' and 'turn the other cheek', and 'easier for a poor man to get to heaven than a rich one', not the angry, spiteful God of the Old Testament.

By the way, why didn't Jesus Christ return back in 1967 when Israel took over the Temple Mount...or is he/she/it just laying low for the time being?

Sorry for lumping all Evangelicals into the apocalyptic group. There are various flavors of the faithful in all branches.
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