Why is Team Trumby STILL litigating the 2016 election?


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Jan 30, 2016
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Just like how Trump tweeted 82 times in 1 day? Definitely keeping his calm.

I welcome Durham's report, but Barr has shown he will declare the results without using any of the facts (see Mueller report).

Also, why did this Durham investigation start so late? Why didn't it start in 2017?

Could it be because someone is trying to distract from the current impeachment issues?
This investigation will never produce an actual report.


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Jul 28, 2005
This investigation will never produce an actual report.
I disagree. I think they'll issue a report. It will be akin to Barr's summary of the Mueller Report. They'll release it just before the elections so the Dems and the Mainstream Media, I mean Fake News does not have time to fact check and/or discredit the findings. It will make a impact. Trump will win. US will withdraw from NATO. NATO will cease to exist. The European Union will fracture. USA is out of the Paris Climate Agreement. California will burn to the ground and become irrelevant. Russia will retake Ukraine, then Hungary and Romania, maybe Poland and the Czech Republic. Trump will not act. RBG will die and Trump will appoint another Justice. He will then eliminate Presidential term limits by Executive Order and the Supreme Court will back him.

To understand the moves the Trumpistas are making you have to start thinking like an ex KGB agent.
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