What OTR surfboard should I buy? WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!


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Oct 21, 2007
eastside oahu
Hey Teeroi, how much does a Glen Pang step up go for? Any idea?
Not exactly sure but most of the top Hawaii shapers are similarly priced. Boards over 6’0
are around $600-$650 for clear Pu/Pe, thruster, no fins. Boards over 7’0 are $700 plus. A Pyzel cost more. It’s kind of ridiculous how affordable a custom board in Hawaii is. I’m talking Glen Pang, Minami, Wade or Kerry Tokoro, Arakawa, Chuck Andrus, Rawson, Bret.

I get Tokoro’s for a bro price I’ve never once asked for. I think I paid $550 for my last 6’7.

You can go to the HIC or Surfboard Outlet and get a new board that has been sitting in the rack for a couple of months for under $500. And if it’s a little older closer to $400.


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Jul 13, 2020
San Diego
makes no sense to buy a non HPSB otr.

thats the only board that makes sense to buy otr
why? If anything, for me, hpsb has to be custom while the hipster sticks seem to work well OTR.

im also a tall lanky human and would probably be accused of being a yoga loving vegan by the erBB.
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