What are you liking about social distancing/quarantine?


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Jun 21, 2017
From a purely personal perspective. Let's take it as assumed that we all wish there was no virus, there is nothing truly positive about this, thoughts and prayers, etc.
On to the fun though. For your selfish human selves, what are you liking about the changes to your life and world?

First thing for me is the personal space. I get uncomfortable when people stand too close to me in public. In line at the store, right on my @ss...back the fvck up weirdo. I grew up in a kinda sketchy place and I don't want anyone close enough to stab me. Plus people are gross and smell weird.

Concerts being cancelled, or anything else with a huge crowd...don't miss it. Being in crowds makes me too anxious and bothered to enjoy anything. Disneyland is a nightmare without strong hallucinogens and mdma.

I see a lot of people out exercising and for some reason that makes me feel good. People may be doing it because they are evaluating what is important and remembering their health. Or maybe they are doing it because they were told to stay inside. Either way, makes me happy to see.

My job got better. I mean, the money is gone. But so are the customers, and I'm feeling more relaxed and finding it easier to be in the moment and not anxiously waiting for the next thing to happen quicker quicker quicker. Service industry sucks if you aren't a "people person".

Well, there's my positive side.


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Jul 28, 2005
Lack of traffic, clean air. I don't mind working from home so far. The disruptive, defiant kids are out of sight out of mind....a lot less stressful than trying to control 35 12-13 year olds in a crowded classroom....
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the janitor

Tom Curren status
Mar 28, 2003
north of the bridge
- More time with the daughter, she's 18 so that window is narrowing relatively speaking
- Getting more creative since this thing has broken the old model. Not saying I've come up with solutions but this is forcing me to reexamine A LOT of old assumptions and patterns
- Get to spend more quality time with the few people I do see
- Those chatty cashiers at Trader Joe's have finally clammed up


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Aug 6, 2003
Jacksonville Beach
Other than less traffic a few weeks ago, maybe quieter with the windows open with no cars, basically jack sh!t.

It's been an incredible March, weather-wise. April has been a winner so far. If it doesn't rain some in April/May and the monsoon is late and we get no depressions, fire season could be a doozy.
Feb 12, 2020
Eugene, OR motorhome FREE CANDY spray painted on the side; prostitution junk house set up across the street of my daughter's hood; so at least she has work!

Vancouver, BC has an emergency program that allows drug dependent to get Clonazepam, heroin, ritalin, etc. rx
because the borders are sealed and the safe shooting rooms are closed/reduced; but the population at large has no means for social distancing. At least the government is trying to mitigate for the downtrodden; a bit.


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Jan 11, 2002
The Bar
I love being able to work from home. I can sleep in a little, there isn't a rush to get the kids fed and out the door to school. Wife and I aren't as stressed out because we don't have to race to get anywhere. I am actually more productive with work because there are less distractions and I am a lot more comfortable, plus I can do things more at my leisure and there isn't a set time to get things done. We are spending a whole lot less money as a result because we aren't going out.

Lots of quality time spent with the kids, much more than when I have to go into the office. Can have more movie nights with them as it's not like we have to set the alarm for them in the mornings. Lots of board games with them.

Don't really watch much TV but have been reading a lot. I feel I have a lot more time and mental energy across the board that I actually can relax.

We order in groceries which means we don't have to try to go shopping with the kids, which can be the 11th Circle of Hell. I hate going to Costco and Trader Joe's - too many dawdlers that don't understand the concept of get-in and GTFO as quickly, painlessly, and cheaply as possible, and without 196 coupons. And that was before the quarantine.

So far, I'm loving almost every bit of this. Only downside is not being able to go surf. But it's been rainy and windy anyways.
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Jan 15, 2003
Getting to telework. That is about it though.
liking teleworking. working at home getting more done during the day, even with less hours infront of the computer. lot less interruptions from people during the day. not going to the snack machine getting chips or people bringing chocolate & cookies that I'd be tempted with. but missing my office chair which is way better than what I got at home
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Miki Dora status
Apr 11, 2005
Check that, lack of traffic is nice.
I'll triple that!
I'm still working in town and the last 2+ weeks, almost all the time I've been on cruise control @70mph both ways.
Another thing that I don't partake in but just started is binge watching Netflix or Stars, wife and I broke out the blender and made margaritas and watched season one of Outlander. Gnarly-ass feature.


Michael Peterson status
Jan 22, 2006
I'm digging telecommuting. It's better working at home. No distractions.

I can stretch at my leisure and take breaks when I want. My wife's work paid her for the 2 weeks they were completely closed but now she's teaching dance in our garage. Very little loss of income for us. Very fortunate. I spend $200 on gas every month and my wife $300. The bill is a fraction of that now. I completed my succulent revitalization program and we are going to paint the inside of our garage. Its just quiet everywhere.