We'll miss you so much Greg - RIP Greg Griffin


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Mar 31, 2009
Just saw it on Instagram. Damn. RIP GG. I'll miss his name dropping and vague references to insider info. Huge part of this place and a wealth of surf culture lost. fook motorcycles.


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Feb 28, 2021
rode one of his boards at a fish fry in 09 I think and loved it so much I tracked it down and bought it. Was truly a magic board and I surfed it to death. Ordered 3 more customs from him, he was a trippy guy but I will tell you this...he answered all my questions, the boards were ready when he said they would be, and were packed impeccably. What a bummer for his family. This place will be lesser without him for sure.


Rabbitt Bartholomew status
May 28, 2005
Oh crap. When Griff left Hawaii for Florida he asked my opinion about the BMW 1200 GS Adventure model I was riding at the time as he was about to pull the trigger on a road bike. He seemed like a really genuine guy and from all I’ve read about his boards and fins, he was a master shaper. This news just took some of the wind out of my sails. RIP Greg, hugs to his wife and family.
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Aug 20, 2010
SUP Nation
damn. i know i talked more crap to him than he deserved, but i hope deep down he knew i was joking. most of the time. i may have gone overboard, in fact i'm sure i did, but gg was one of us, and that dude will be missed. we had some epic arguments, and then everything just settled down. i remember at an AB3, he handed me a board and i just laughed. i wasn't gonna ride it in front of all of you. now, i wish i had. i actually heard some good reports about them. he didn't get to where was as a shaper by being a hack. he was a craftsman, a bike rider, a surfer, a father, a husband, so many more things. i'm pissed at myself and gutted. gg was always up for a joust. his flagrant self promotion was legendary. he always stayed true to himself, and i respect that. it's horrible that he went out the way he did. life is short man. fook!!! rip gg, you were a worthy foe, and i did consider you a friend. in erBB terms, i was stocked to have been here with you.
Gezz Bonzi... I feel the same. RIP Greggie.
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