We'll miss you so much Greg - RIP Greg Griffin


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Feb 25, 2020
What?!?! No way! fook!

I know Greg was a divisive figure on this board but I have know him for years. He made me a great board. He had a good heart. This sucks.

RIP Braddah G:cry:
I can't believe this. He made me a great boar too and was great to talk to on the phone. I know he was divisive figure but he stuck up for himself.

RIP to a good man, loving husband, father, and grandfather.


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Feb 25, 2006
I’m bummed. He recently posted up pictures of a new bike he was getting. I typed out a post that said something like, “Don’t get the bike. You’ll kill yourself.” I didn’t hit the post reply button. Just seemed wrong.

I wonder what will happen with all his files? Did he mentor another shaper? I would like to see somebody carry on his work. I never rode one of his boards. He sent me one to ride but it was the middle of summer and flat for weeks. I never got it into anything even knee high. I know a number of people whose opinion I trust that told me something different really was going on with Greg’s boards. I really wanted to order a Hovercraft from him. Planned to do it. I’m bummed.

There were a few people that didn’t like his politics that followed him around on the design forum bagging on him about his work or his frequently cryptic responses. Petty bullshit. Too bad.

He was a unique character. RIP Greg. I should have ordered that board.
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May 9, 2006
your mom
damn. i know i talked more crap to him than he deserved, but i hope deep down he knew i was joking. most of the time. i may have gone overboard, in fact i'm sure i did, but gg was one of us, and that dude will be missed. we had some epic arguments, and then everything just settled down. i remember at an AB3, he handed me a board and i just laughed. i wasn't gonna ride it in front of all of you. now, i wish i had. i actually heard some good reports about them. he didn't get to where was as a shaper by being a hack. he was a craftsman, a bike rider, a surfer, a father, a husband, so many more things. i'm pissed at myself and gutted. gg was always up for a joust. his flagrant self promotion was legendary. he always stayed true to himself, and i respect that. it's horrible that he went out the way he did. life is short man. fuck!!! rip gg, you were a worthy foe, and i did consider you a friend. in erBB terms, i was stocked to have been here with you.