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Mar 11, 2015
Stumbled across this old surf movie. Thought some here might enjoy.

There's gold in that video.
The lady with raised fists at San Miguel, lol
Killer Dana, and literally crawling throught the bushes at Trestles.
Perhaps , closest memories for me, was the pier jumping at Portuguese Bend. The rotating launch was nuts.
Dec 3, 2020
Tom Constable created a great movie that is one of my favorites. I even downloaded it using the pirate bay because I want to have a downloaded movie on my computer that I can watch at any time. This is important to me and that's why I use such a torrent for other movies as well. That's also very important.
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Jul 28, 2005
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Stumbled across this old surf movie. Thought some here might enjoy.

Thanks for this grommy. I finally got around to watching it. The film was made by Tom Constable. We knew him as "Mr. Constable." He was the older gentleman who persisted in riding a longboard at my local spot when everyone (70's) rode shortboards (now the spot is a "longboard spot" even though it is very rippable on a shortboard (70's shortboard = midlength) The first footage is at Torrance Beach where I first learned to surf.

I spied a beavertail jacket, like my first wetsuit (that I wore through my first winter...damn right with the beavertail snapped up). Kanvas by Katin. The big jellyfish (that have disappeared from our waters). The "Point" chapter ...Killer Dana? Primitive skateboards (surfer fashion has not changed since- blue jeans, t-shirt and flannel).. "Manhattan Peir" I guess Rick Griffin was not great at spelling.. Chubby Mitchell at Malibu (such a good wave, such chaos even back then).

Crappy surfing indeed, just the boys having fun. :waving:

Wonder how many of them are still surfing. Mr. Constable has passed but I'm told his son still surfs and is himself an old timer. I'll have to ask Mike (Purpus).
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