Trying to make erBB board swapping easier


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Sep 11, 2017
San Diego, CA
@SixtyGrit I also put in my DD vol 33L as I think that’s another good reference along with height, weight. I’m not gonna list each of my boars but basically, if you’ve seen me post about something and the dims are in the ballpark, just DM me and we can try to meet up for a session in SD.
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Mar 30, 2009
I keep wanting to hit up other members to swap boards or get info before a Yolo... sometimes folks post info, and I don't know whether they're a hobbit, like me, or a giant – if they surf OBSF or NCSD. Anyways, if there was a way to search members by height / weight / where they surf, then at least it would be possible to figure out where they're coming from with reviews, design info, and maybe even have a good chain of folks to whom you can quickly unload used boars, share quivers.

I created a public google sheet, in case folks want to contribute to a "library" of erBB members who might want to swap boars with other members of similar dimensions. You add a board, and then you can add your human dims and general location.

If people actually start using it, I'll have to create more tools in the spreadsheet to enable filtering, looking up, etc, but that'll be a good problem.

This is what happens when engineers and other people with a functioning brain start surfing. Just delete your post.