Trump wants part of the procedes of a private business deal. Is this even legal?


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Jun 3, 2004
just let it die by banning it
why the hell do you need TikTok?
What real value does it bring?
Let China start nationalizing all the US companies doing business their like other authoritarian countries such as the US.

This guy said it.
we're a bunch of mush heads driven by likes and followers versus principles and common sense.
Just let it die like he's letting his nation's constituents die

latest variant of our fake economy

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Sep 9, 2013
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I'm not seeing that. For better or worse Trump has been involved in a few high value transactions throughout his career and he probably understands how the government gets their piece during the process.

I'm thinking this is iteration 24,234 from his typical playbook:

1. Something happens
2. Trump notices that and inserts himself into the discussion
3. through an iterative process on Twitter, Trump explains (poorly) his policy idea while taking credit for being a genius
4. People that don't like Trump take his poorly explained policy, twist it in the worst way possible and run with it
5. Trump dominates the news cycle for X days
6. Something happens

This is like watching tmz register new handles, with the same arc over and over and over and over again, except people keep falling for it for some reason.
3 more months
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Sep 25, 2009
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I guess it's good for the deficit and revenues when the gov't. encourages monopolistic behavior, as in a Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, etc. acquiring a TikTok or WeChat.

Then they turn around and castigate the CEOs during phony Congressional hearings. The internets are here to stay.
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