Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

Woke AF

Tom Curren status
Jul 29, 2009
Southern Tip, Norcal
View attachment 146934View attachment 146935Fuse-e 5’10 20.25 2.6 34L
Feels really good under the arm.View attachment 146951
The board is t!ts. Stamps lived up to the hype. Even with a cheap, crooked tailpad, borrowed plastic to small fins, and a kooky old rider the board goes off: fast and feels like old-school skating a pool. Paddles well and catches waves well. Thought it might be a little bit not wide enough but it was perfect today in marginal chest high HB.


Duke status
Apr 26, 2013
Flare is sick. Mine seems wider in the nose.
I think i might have caught a little air the other day. Thats how good that little board is.
I wouldn’t change anything about it.
Very versataile…View attachment 145125View attachment 145126
Flare is still my goto for most days. I've had them all over the world in most conditions. I won't travel without one.


Phil Edwards status
May 23, 2016
in da hood next to paradise
I have a Townsend and have on order a 5 fin Sultan Overeasy mashup from Tim. The Townsend at least for me only sees action when the waves are good 6ft plus lots of ocean moving a round or crowded. Steeper and the juicer I find it likes. In sub-par or smaller surf doesn't work for me at least. I find there are better all around mids out there with a wider range. That's what I hope the board from Tim will do and will be replacing a Album 2+1 Darkness I've had for a number of years. Hope that helps.
did u ride the mashup one yet?


Legend (inyourownmind)
Dec 25, 2009
sultwinn with gemini twins felt good today. prly fastest i've gone on a boar in ages. feels like they are still a hair big so the nvs nautilus might be the call. anyone compare the two templates?
Those are the two sets I run in my sultwinn. Tim paired the nautilus when
he shipped the board and I bought the 5.45 geminis as backup and something
else to play around with.
I feel like the geminis are a tad looser and skatier than the nautilus.
I like to run the nautilus w/trailer for OH days with more juice and
geminis w/o for waist to chest. They’re both nice twins with almost
identical area. Nautilus 20.7, Gemini 20.8
Dec 15, 2019
did u ride the mashup one yet?
I have but made an error on previous post. It's a Roswell/OE mashup. I've had a lot of fun on it on some so so days. Haven't had it out on a really good day. It's my first mid/egg with a quad option which I'm really digging. It's maneuverability and just ease of smoother feeling turns compared to a 2+1 is very noticeable. Tims rails have a great feeling. I believe it would come alive in some lined up punchy walls.
Really addicted to the Banjo I got. Just so fun. Took it out on a strong offshore 4-6ft day at my favorite reef on Friday. Usually would of grabbed a HPSB but the Banjo is just so awesome. I always just wanna grab the Banjo now. YOLO arrival in Oct. pix