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Jul 3, 2014
Whats the scoop with the can opener ? There is no description or comments on his ig.Is it his quantum with a winged swallow tail ?
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Mar 1, 2014
The OC
Can Opener is similar to the
Whats the scoop with the can opener ? There is no description or comments on his ig.Is it his quantum with a winged swallow tail ?
I had one. It's a great board. Also works really well as a twinzer. I think Tim mentioned that the board has a similar rocker and bottom to his twin keel. It felt very familiar in that regard.
Aug 18, 2022
Fellow Stampers Fans,

Been lurking on here a while and have placed three orders in the last year so far. Placed a Roswell order initially then after discovering this forum and all the good reviews about the banjo I placed another one. And then a round tail flare that I have yet to pick up. The banjo quad has been the daily driver, running it with Mann Kine NVS quads and absolutely thrilled on it. Got the Roswell EPS/Epoxy 6'4 x 21 x 2.63 for slightly more range and should've gone either longer or shorter for this one. Got thruster/twin boxes on it but preferred as a thruster unless on really walled up clean long waves.

Had I found this forum before ordering the Roswell I probably would've ended up going with the flare instead based on the reviews. I'll be picking up my flare next week. I cannot wait to get it in the water. Ended up asking for the giggleboxx style foil on it. Tim said the flare boxx has been a favorite of many. Sadly, to support this new T Stamps habit the Roswell is going up on craiglist :( soon to be replaced by the flare and gonna chat with Tim about a long division fish as well (twinzer maybe?)



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Apr 6, 2014
S. Redondo
Really? I love the corduroy fronts to these pads for this exact reason.

Much easier on the knees than the standard knobbies.
My only experience with Octopus pads was on some Awayco'd boards from Haydeshapes when they were across the street from my office in El Segundo. Looks like HS is now gone from LA and have relocated to Oceanside.

Maybe it was just that my knees were used to whatever I had been using at the time and the change in material/texture made my skin freak. Back then it was probably FCS pads since I could get them for pretty cheap.

I do remember being shocked how quickly the pads bugged my knees. I was paddling like a Covid kook (this was pre Covid) within a half hour trying to keep my knees off the board.

20W-50 and blood

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Feb 4, 2004
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Picked this up today. 5’7” x 19 3/4” x 2 3/8” Kai-Zen. Lightest of my four Varials and top-notch finishing. Can’t wait to get a few over the next couple of days. Ride report to come. It’s my first epoxy through Varial.View attachment 137461View attachment 137462
that loks liek shat.if it was 37-40 liters id give you 200 bucks and let your buy me beer