***The Official Mid-Length Thread***


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Apr 22, 2013
The CI twin pin with the channel bottoms I posted above shod with S wing Mid keel 470 fins rides like a hot knife through butter as a mid length. Quality left and right 2-4' beachbreak waves for the first surf. A very connected feel and the way it rolls over from rail to rail is a trait I really liked. Can't imagine it going better with other fins.
I'll run it with set of Alkali twin fins next time the waves are good enough for it just to see how they feel.
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Oh my god. That is t!ts

Woke AF

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Jul 29, 2009
Southern Tip, Norcal
I liked his explanation of channels. Something about his plane shapes/volume distribution or ? always looked off to my eye with his boards. But this sexy creamsicle middleboard is calling my name.:oops:
A lot of weird stuff going on with the channels and boxes set so far back, stiff? But who needs to turn when all you want to do is glide into a wall and pull in?
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Jan 20, 2006
Sunny Coast Qld Australia
No mention of casual small wave test pilot Yuri.
Interesting design stuff in it so well worth a watch. The viewpoint of coming from a displacement hull sensations background vs hp shortboard background and the places along the spectrum are noteworthy.
@RyanLovelace4 Would like to see the Aliotti clips you mention when talking about the twin fin board test if they are in the same locations.
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