***The Official Mid-Length Thread***


Tom Curren status
Feb 7, 2009
rode my 6’11 yesterday and wished i was on st smaller so i can turn. best turn on an ml is a bottom turn
Hate to say turns like a sb but my Fineline MP 6'10" turned from tail and you could do as you wish. Also my it2win turns good but with twin set up carves better then turns and needs push. I also think MC bonzers mid length or mini logs turn nice with those tucked under round soft rails. I think Dave P. rails have that look and would like to try his MP single:shaka:


Billy Hamilton status
Oct 22, 2018
SF x Encinitas
Yeah, Pyzel looks like a good wave boar. Even in overhead, offshore conditions (looked a lot like OB fall surf), it didn't appear to plane that well on the slopey walls. He either needed to pump it like a shortboard or jump on something with less rocker and more planing surface, says this armchair shaper. This is why one needs a quiver of midlengths. to supplement the gravel quiv.