*** The Official 2024 SITD Chloe Edition ***


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Apr 21, 2018
KA seems like an ideal test pilot.

edit: Holy sh!t, I've never felt more validated in my life.

Literally this morning, I was talking to a mate in the water about my new Sharpeye Synergy (Jack Robbo model), and how I like how twitchy and lively it is. Never heard anyone talk about the board, until this clip of KA

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Dec 1, 2008
I'm getting a kick out of the "shaper reveal" idea. They already spilled that Pyzel is in. So who else wold the erBB predict? Here's mine:

1. Pyzel
2. Sharp Eye
3. Cabianca
4. CI
5. JS
6. Mayhem/Lost
7. DHD
8. Borst (that's a long shot but seems possible given that it's Kolohe so he's local)
9. Braadley (another long shot)
10. Pang
11. Tokoro and/or Slater Designs (but I hope it's just Tokoro & I think a SD board would suck just due to construction)
12. Patterson (again a local shaper to Kolohe and a legend in SC)
13. Pukas and/or Chilli

So I guess that's more than 13, but those are my predictions. Others?
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