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Apr 17, 2008
You Beatles nuts already know this is coming out next week. Looking forward to it.
Yes I want to see this. The session happened just before the Beatles split up.

"Although Let It Be was the Beatles' final album release, it was largely recorded before Abbey Road. ...McCartney suggested they "record an album of new material and rehearse it, then perform it before a live audience for the very first time – on record and on film". Originally intended for a one-hour television program to be called Beatles at Work, in the event much of the album's content came from studio work beginning in January 1969, many hours of which were captured on film by director Michael Lindsay-Hogg.

"Martin said that the project was "not at all a happy recording experience. It was a time when relations between the Beatles were at their lowest ebb." Lennon described the largely impromptu sessions as "hell ... the most miserable ... on Earth", and Harrison, "the low of all-time". Irritated by McCartney and Lennon, Harrison walked out for five days. Harrison threatened to leave the band unless they abandoned all talk of live performance and instead focused on finishing a new album, initially titled Get Back, using songs recorded for the TV special.... it was decided to salvage the footage shot for the TV production for use in a feature film."

The Beatles - Wikipedia
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Aug 9, 2019
This dude got some great tunes

And then the other end of the spectrum, why not fall in love with her singing this:



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Apr 14, 2015
Los Angeles~California!
on this Tuesday,
well the surf is flat, here too, in Los Angeles,
BUT, But, but, thee water vis is insane, a coupla bro's were just seen free~dive huntin': hali'z,
{1 of these boyz, Chad, he who mixes a nice cocktail up here at Gladstones, can also do a nice bottom turn + crack a lip!}
and well, @ the crack o' dawn, i could sea allll of the L.A. beach~side towns, yow~za!

i just dig it, when:
for my local air, today, is just soooo damn fine, clean + clear!!!
"Oh Ya!"
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