*** The Official 2020 What Are You Listening To Thread ***


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Apr 14, 2015
Los Angeles~California!
thee other day, i posted this song, below,
but deleted it., how ironic...

it is strange, for now, my lil' sister Teresa Lee, seen here, below:
in dayz of youth, is lyin' in a bed, at a hosptial, in Culver City, California,
wright now, by herself, and i can do: nothing, err!

non-covid nor drug~use related, she is still alive,
but i know that ER suckz, and this bein' thee 5th day of her hospitalization, i hope for THE BEST!
she is, from what i know, me, her oldest brother, who can not visit her as i ain't been shot up with anti-covid vaccine, yet,
well, i have heard, from her ol' man, whom is vacined, that she is now coherant,
but, medaticated, err, ah, "Comfortably Numb", you might say:

have you a nice Sunday,
boyz + girlz, + kidz too,
stay healthy, + be well!
bye, rw
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Jul 23, 2011
Who is the kook that revived this thread?

There's a current thread to post music - duh.
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