The Northeast - erBB tips n tricks.


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Dec 21, 2009
Infernos. A guy from Austria. Pre ww2.

my grandfather would tell stories driving to pico or mt snow. 8-10 people in a caprice classic station wagon packed to the gills.

place is special in any season.

road opened up earlier this week. The lazy can now ski down without the hike up.


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Dec 31, 2008
Depends on what you want and what other priorities you're managing.
The Whites are great. I haven't been to the White's in 20 years but last time I hit Washington it was pretty busy. That said, I haven't been there in 20 years so take my advice with a grain of salt.
IMHO the Adirondacks are special. Great blend of outdoor excellence with relatively low crowds, especially for the timing you're on.
I spent many years climbing in CA/OR/WA and remain pretty impressed with the ADK. That said, they're pretty rugged (steep/chunky trails), aren't always the easiest to get to, and can't quite compete with the vistas you're gonna get in Yosemite/Sierras etc. All that said, they're worth your time and have their own charm.
When I can, I sneak up to Northville/Lake Placid and get dirty. Mt Marcy is the obvious target and worth your time if you're into it, but the adjacent peaks are just as good (just not as tall).
If you do head that way, make sure to hit the great Meat Store of the North,
Lake George is also great, I've only been twice, but I tend to avoid it high summer as it's quite busy, at least the few spots that I've been to. My perspective there would surely change if I had a friend with a house there. YMMV
Good luck!
Adirondacks are impressive and highly under explored by the subways. Summer glamping trip this year is in order with all of the road trip car camping gear we bought and never used in 2020:foreheadslap:


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Jan 27, 2002
Shrub Oak,N.Y.,USA
Can anyone give pizza recommendations for the NE?
Johnnie's Pizza 30 W Lincoln Ave, Mt Vernon, NY 10550. Cash only. A bit out of the way but great thin pie, first the sauce then not shredded cheese but slices of cheese then a thin spiral of olive oil from center to edges of pie. Hot oven - the front stainless has turned blue from the heat. Black bubbles at the crust. They have a good, simple salad with hot peppers in it too. My father lived nearby and saw an Irishman build their first oven at the original location in 1942. He built the brick sides straight up then put boards across, piled sand on the boards for the arch, mortared the bricks on top of the sand then pulled the board out the next day. My father was friends with the brothers and their Schaefer Beer salesman for a while but one night in the early 60's he mentioned remembering the Irishman building their oven and they got sort of mad at him for reminding them that it was an Irishman :LOL: .

I used to go there with my dad in the 60's to pick up pies - the original location was really cool, WWII hand grenade behind the bar - I used to watch them making the pies, throwing them up in the air. In the 70's they were so busy on weekend nights that they would leave the phone off the hook until they caught up with the demand.



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Apr 13, 2008
Petak Island
Will xhe fish the erBB for donkey show recommendations, then not post a trip report?

Food was insanely expensive and mediocre in the NE.

Springfield Armory is a must-see and the presentations were great.

Boston Ferry service can be really confusing and the employees were clueless.

New Hampshire was lovely; however, the only effective way to peakbag the White Mountains is by a backpacking traverses of ridgelines. Surprisingly uncrowded.

Quebec. What a strange, fascistic place. Terrible food in general. The good food is Syrian or Lebanese. Quebec City is cool for a day. Charlevoix and parts north very beautiful - stayed 5 days. Man did the food suck. The St. Lawrence is a sight to behold. Outside Montreal and QC many areas seemed stuck 30 years in the past, and not in a good way.

Maine - wish I could have spent a bit more time. Nice people, wild lands.

I got tired of seeing green, we saw blue sky 3 days in 3 weeks and it rained, hard, about every 3 days.


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Apr 13, 2008
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I would highly recommend the Garmin HQ.

The globe they have is incredible - if you are into maps it is a must see thing - an entirely different, detailed experience of looking at a map and you will see things you have never noticed before.

I was completely awestruck.

Spent a good 1.5 hours there.

Perhaps the trip highlight.

Also, spend the day at the Maritime Museum in Bath.