The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread


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Apr 13, 2005
2/2- Body glove Matrix long leg short sleeve 3 years running and still in good shape. Couple of holes that were caused by me but thats it. Stretchy enough but then again its a 2/2. Some neck rash on longer sessions if I dont use the belly jelly. Looking to replace it next year with the Vapor.

3/2 - I have a Xcel infiniti chest zip and a Billabong Solution Platinum. First the Xcel, Super warm super flexy never and problems with flushing or rash
holding up well into the second year.
Billabong solution Platinum- awesome, super flexy, super warm suit. No rash or flushing only problem for me is there is a little to much lenght in the torso area when sitting on my board which ends up holding water till I am up and riding. Im 5'11" #168.

Xcel infiniti winter suit 5/4/3 All I can say is Best winter suit by far for me and I have tried alot. Upper 30's low 40's water temps no problem


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Jun 12, 2007
Spain (Asturias)
Well for some reason I have really bad luck with wetsuit. In the last years I have gone thru a couple.
First: Rip Curl F-Bomb 3/2 Chest Zip
Only lasted about a month. Liquid seal started coming apart.Constant flushes through the neck with duckdives and going over the falls. In my case it was horrible.
Second: Oneill Psycho2 3/2
Is still alive, but starting to show signs of decay after 6 months. Threas unraveling on the ankles, wrists and neck. I get water flushes when duckdiving. I try strangle myself with the next velcro but pretty much doesn´t work. Besides all that I really like the suit. Very confy and flexible.
Third: Oneill Gooru 3/2 Short Sleve
Well this one was very flexible and confortable but seens it was not sealed it got water thru the seams very easily. Really did not get much time to try since it got stolen half way through the summer. Damm Bastard (Well I **** on them like crazy).
Fourth: Xcel Infinity 4/3
This is the most recent one. I have used it about six times and it is really warm. Actually at this time of year I overheat with it. It is very strechy. Really like it, but I am a little concern that the neck seal is going to strech over time and I am going to get flushes constantly.
Fifth Quicksilver Cell 4/3
Not sure what Cell number it is (3,5,6) I got over internet new with tags but god knows how old. This suit has a very shitty neck seal (very simple, like in cheap wetsuit),but suprisingly is the one that flushes the least. It is super rigid and it hard to paddle with. I have it as a second option for days when the other 4/3 is still wet.

Well as you can all see I pretty much hate all wetsuits I have own. Not sure if its my fault or the wetsuits. Hopefully some day I find a wetsuit that I love. Wish I could get my hands on a Patagonia,but there is currently no distribution for them here in Europe. If I dont find love with a wetsuit soon I am going to have to move to the tropics <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


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Jun 10, 2003
don't know if this has been posted before but it has some reviews from customers who have the patagonia suit, from the blog 70%:



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Jul 2, 2002
Had an Xcel front zip 2 years ago. First the neck-hole started cracking and rippping..sent it in to get fixed..2 weeks later my foot went through the neoprene on one of the legs.

Got a BodyGlove Vapor. Awesome suit so far. Warm and seems durable. My only grip is the neck part is sort of restrictive.

(I love that tenover posts to tell us he's trying not to post anymore) <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/roflmao.gif" alt="" />


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Aug 10, 2006
N. County SD
I've had front-zip 4/3 XCEL Infinity's for the past many years, and I like them alright.
4/3? You pussy! Next thing we know, you'll be wearing booties!!!
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Jan 20, 2006
Wear a Quik 3/2 till the temps dip into the low 50s upper 40s. Go to a RipCurl 5/4/3 elastomax-II w/hood once winter sets in. Xcel boots from 5mm to 7mm, and I picked up some 7mm xcel mittens last winter that keep my hands toasty in February. Surf DelMarVa and NJ, winter water temps drop to the mid 30s with air temps anywhere from 20s to 40s. Thinking Xcel for my next new fullsuit purchase. Like their boots &amp; gloves and hear their fullsuits are very good as well.



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Mar 31, 2005
ive been using BOZ wetsuits for the last 6 years or so and ive had 2 fullsuits. mine have lasted super long and a are verywarm and flexy. they are inexpensive but very good quality. mine have lasted between 2-3 years.

***disclaimer, i throw my suits in the wash for a rinse after every session and then hang to dry in my shower.***

i have found that not rinsing your suit out and/or leaving it out to dry in the sun are the fastest ways to ruin your wetsuit.

quicksilver was the worst wetsuit ive ever owned by far.


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Apr 13, 2005
Imperial Beach CA
Got a 3/2 psycho 2 that's alright. KInda heavy but warm. Replaced the psycho 1 that was a super bitch to get out of.
Done with o'neill for a while.

Just bought a 2 mil excel full... pretty warm and stretchy.

Trunked it on sunday and plan on trunking it this weekend with the santa ana coming.

Gonna buy a matuse or patagonia next suit.


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Mar 31, 2005
***disclaimer, i throw my suits in the wash for a rinse after every session and then hang to dry in my shower.***
do you actually run the washer?

for rinsing, i spray the hose into my rubbermaid surf bucket with the suit in there. probably 5 or 6 inches of water and then let it soak a couple hours.

when the sun goes far enough past that i can hang it in my hang up spot and have shade i let it dry. if it's warm, it's nearly dry by the next AM. mornings are getting wetter and chillier by the day.
yeah...i live in a condo and have no "yard so to speak in the wash it goes. no soap of course.


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Jun 30, 2004
I have a "3/2" (more like a 2/2) Oneill Gooru and a 6/4 Billabong AX2 w/ Hood.

The Gooru is a great suit. Had it for 2 years now, and was leagues better than the suits before (including the Psycho I) imo.

However, it's time for a new suit and Doug's post about the Patagonia warranty has me sold. So I'm gonna give their 2/2 a shot and see how it goes.


Jan 16, 2006
1. Billabong foil 3/2 GBS - worthless wetsuit unless you are living in San Diego, fell apart quickly and leaked. Neoprene actually started cracking and breaking apart from the sun after only 7 months
2. Billabong solution gold 4/3 - amazing wetsuit, very stretchy, but the neoprene is not too durable once again, but I can wear it in the dead of winter at Jalama without booties or hood and still warm, the knee and the ass blew out after 6 months and was replaced with a brand new suit (Billabong has great customer service) You do get a bit of flushing through the back
3. Body Glove formula 3/2 - super flexible, the neoprene is so soft and so thin, it feels like cloth, the seams leaked even when brand new, but the bat wing kept flushing out
4. Body Glove vapor 2/2 - not that impressed for a top of the line suit, sure no leaks, but not that warm, even during the late spring and early fall. felt stiffer than the formula 3/2!
5. Oneill heat 4/3 - hated it, the neoprene is soft, but the fit is awful. Oneill fit models must have giant redwood legs and tiny narrow shoulders. I would get flushing in my legs but the upperbody felt like it was in a straitjacket. I usually wear a L/T for every other company, but for Oneill, I am too small for their L/T and too big for their M/T


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Jul 2, 2002
I've had front-zip 4/3 XCEL Infinity's for the past many years, and I like them alright.
4/3? You pussy! Next thing we know, you'll be wearing booties!!!
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Jul 4, 2007
I'm on my second Oneill Psycho 2 4/3 and I love the thing. A little heavy, but I'm always warm. I use my old one as a backup in the 805 and it keeps me pretty damn warm too, not bad considering it must be at least four years old &amp; has a tear in the calf seam (my bad). The old suit looks like shiz (when bone-dry it's getting that gray look) and I don't surf it that often, but I have to say I'm impressed with how the $$$ high end Oneill holds up.

I used to winter in socal with 3/2s exclusively...but then I got old, and cold. Looking forward to trying one of the thinner Pataguccis someday.


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Oct 25, 2004
4/3 Quiksilver + booties, gloves and separate hood (o'neill)

They're fine for 48-55 degree water.

If you're cold you should be catching more waves. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/00000054.gif" alt="" />


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Sep 26, 2005
Tower 13
It's been almost a month so I figured I'd post an update. I have been wearing two new suits, a Hurley Freedom back zip and a Psycho II.

The tape on the Hurley is coming apart and the plastic piece that holds the strap to the zipper broke. Not sure how that one happened. The Hurley suit leaks just slightly. Still a comfy fast drying suit though.

I've worn the new Psycho probably 6 sessions and so far so good. No leaks and super comfy. Just a lot heavier, especially after wearing the Hurley.

I've been putting in 4-6 sessions a week.
Nov 11, 2005
Newport Beach
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Xcel Infiniti Front Zip from last year (actually 2) 3/2

Love 'em, super flexible and warm

Also have the Xcel 2m short sleeve, it's great for warmer days, but flushes constantly so if it's a little cold I have to break out the 3/2

Friend has the 2m Xcel full sleeve and he loves it, but it's getting a little cold even for that

Would love to try the Body Glove Vapor


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Jun 21, 2007
I bought an oneill mutant 4/3 this last march and was quite happy with it until the neoprene around the kneepads blew out. I am sending that in to oneill for a replacement. It was a great suit, and have been comfortable in water down to 46 degrees with the hood on. Really liked being able to zip the hood on/off.
My new suit is an xcel 4/3 front zip. Very flexible, comfortable, warm, light when wet, very little flushing. A little concerned about the internal neck opening as it gets stretched to the limit almost every time I get out of the suit, and I am like gumby. But, no rips...yet. Great suit so far after about twenty surfs.


Miki Dora status
Apr 27, 2006
Santa Barbarea
Okay, here goes... from my findings:

1. Hotline: Durable, comfortable, practically bullet proof. But heavy and don't dry quickly. You want a suit that lasts years, not seasons, get a Hotline. This is the suit I compare all others to.

2. RipCurl: Comfortable out of the box, but never last. If you're willing to hold them to their warranty, you can probably get a new suit every 6 months... since that's how long their suits usually last(ed) me.

3. O'Neill: Terrible cut last time I used one. Have never gone back. Got rashes in places a man should never get rashes. I don't even consider O'Neill suits anymore.

4. Victory: Used to be incredible. Gone the way of the Dodo bird.

5. BodyGlove: Haven't used one in ages. Have a buddy that swears by them now. His very good friend is in charge of the wetsuit division. I'm still stuck on that vision of neon Scott Daly suits with that big bright yellow hand. That said, their Vapor suits seem very nice and the external key pocket is a good idea. On the wrist is a bit of a pain, but it works.

6. Patagonia: Light, but not that comfortable to me. Wasn't very stretchy, to my surprise. I think it was a function of the wool liner. Gave me a nasty neck rash.

7. Matuse: Only one session, and I freaking LOVE this wetsuit. First back zip wetsuit I've liked in at least 4 years, maybe longer. I went out for 2 hours at the Queen today and was roasting in the 4/3/2 Hoplite without booties on. I wore my 4/3 Hotline there 2 days ago with booties and was comfortable; today, without booties, I was sweating. And the suit is super light and fits really well. Hanging in my garage right now, I think it's about dry. Amazing. I'm wearing a Large-Short, as opposed to a straight Medium. I think they fit just a hair small, so go a bit bigger than normal on your sizing. The suit may be spendy, but it's totally worth it. I'm a believer. The word "Geoprene" is the waving rainbow flag of gayness atop Mount Gayverest, but this shyte works. If this suit lasts anywhere near as well as my Hotline wetsuits, I'm getting another. In a heart beat. Just wish they did a full 2/2 model since this suit is too warm!