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20W-50 and blood

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Feb 4, 2004
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a fricin RAD board. seems so odd that the prices on these thigns are so high...doesn't seem so long ago that you coudl get boards like that a dim a dozen....seriously....hoardes of them for $50 at garage sales and swap meet spots....and they were shunned.

Bob Dobbalina

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Feb 23, 2016
SF CL felt like a highlight reel of most of the thread topics du jour on the ERBB. All we need is a glider

Seems like Bonzers just get swapped around like the village bicycle.

For the twinnie fans, this looks pretty fun.

For the Tech Bros

Gone fishin'. Kalu's twins and alts look really cool. Especially with his affinity for working on every project from shape to sand.

I'd personally rather drop 1k on a new one from SDouble
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