Tax the rich......


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Feb 14, 2021
Definitely triggered.
More deflection

It must have been something really racist if you don't want to say

Get over it, everyone and every race is a little racist sometimes

Although most don't go kicking fat black women, all those adjectives have respective anti-hate movements that could take offense to you kicking one of theirs.

Now if you were anti-racist, you would have allowed the Person of Color to beat the sh!t out of your sister for the cause. Whitey deserves whats coming to them and you interfered with this righteous justice, therefore you are racist

PS: Whats the difference between Person of Color and Colored Person? Why is one PC and the other is racist?
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Oct 14, 2017
For the first century of its existence, the United States had completely open borders. Though it is now derided as a far-left fantasy, in the eighteenth and much of the nineteenth century, the idea of someone simply coming into a new country and starting a life there, without any papers whatsoever, was eminently normal.
In fact, it was desirable. While early American politicians hotly debated how and when immigrants could become U.S. citizens, there were no serious attempts to limit migration itself for decades. Even George Mason, a supporter of greater restrictions on naturalization, declared that he was “for opening a wide door for emigrants.”
And wide that door was. In 1850, the first year that information on native birth was collected by the U.S. Census, America had 2.2 million immigrants—roughly 10 percent of the overall population. These undocumented immigrants, taking advantage of an open border, became essential to the fabric of American society, and even the presidency—among them was the English, immigrant mother of Woodrow Wilson.


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Apr 26, 2013
Beleive it or not, there are rich people who don’t mind paying more in taxes.

They’re just never on the right. Fairness and justice are not their strong suit.
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Name 1? They all have to opportunity. You can go on to the IRS website and send money anytime you want.

If fair share loudmouth George Clooney woke up today with the bank account of 99% of the CEO's in the US he would jump off a building.
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