Surfing Moorea?


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Oct 18, 2005
There are only a few consistent surf spots on Moorea. All but one are very long paddles through very large channels out to the reef passes that can have currents going in or out that you can't out paddle. Make sure you time the tides right. There is one that is inside a reef pass that you can paddle out to, super shallow and can get solid at 8-10+. I haven't been in a while, but used to spend weeks on end there, surfing was not easy there at all. There was no place to rent boards, and if you are flying the small island hopper plane over from Papeete, sometimes they can't take your board bags, and you may not get them for days. If you take the high speed ferry, you are good to go. If you want to surf, I would recommend you bring your own boards, and I do not recommend going alone out the long reef passes. If something happens, you are not going to make it back. I did a ton of shark diving out there, and sharks are everywhere, all the time. That said, if you get the passes good, they are like machines with really good and fun waves. The locals are very nice, if you know how to behave upon arrival in the lineup. It is not uncommon to meet all the locals in the water and shake their hand and make an introduction. If you just paddle out and try to get a wave, it might be your only one, I have witnessed that go wrong many times for those that don't know how to approach the local culture in the more remote spots. Be respectful, smile, say hello, work your way into the lineup, often they will invite you to the take off spot and tell you to go on waves you don't even want to, that is the fun part! If you get reef cuts, best local antiseptic is fresh lime juice and pulp, I know this all too well, never had an infection. Enjoy!


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Apr 11, 2005
Bring some SWAG
Wax, old board shorts, leash, rash guard, etc.
Also, they value fishing tackle, A LOT.
Make some friends and get a boat ride out.
Don't know if they still do, but the Haapiti Surf Lodge offers boat rides out to the reef for a fee.
Take Elmo's advice and take the ferry, I almost had to leave my board behind in Papeete but 2 people didn't show and I got to put my board inside the cabin.
Moorea is a bitchen island


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Dec 27, 2016
agreed with above bring swag I gave baseball lids and wax away and they were super stoked . cool people , best mahi mahi I've ever eaten is there
get your paddle into Olympic shape for Club Med wave , so easy getting out , breathtaking water I caught a couple rights looking down freaked me out was so crystal clear , wait to see some surfers out my first am there I went solo , ok time to get back to wife at intercontinental I recommend as well great experience there , I can't make it back tried 3 times rip takes me back right where I started , starting to think wtf am I gonna do each time I'm ripped back , some French dude paddles out in some bad French plage avec how do I get back ? he goes aim your out at that sign you will make it , I absolutely destroyed my board from the shallow coral , I'm paddling like a mad man and some guys in a boat go need a ride ? got me back and couldn't hank them enough I was so gassed , I sat there for 3 days watching that rip and how guys got out , then all good duct tape etc board .
I really enjoyed the island of Tahiti for surfing though see break stop the car catch waves fun pretty sure it was Papara there , forget about Bora Bora no surf there at all