stretch boards support and board pron thread

Dec 1, 2022
Funny, I've been riding Stretch's for well over a decade now, and have become a huge fan of the sk8 deck (domed decks feel very foreign to me now) Over the course of riding these boards (and aging a decade-I'm in my 50's) I've found my volume 'needs' has gone down by almost 2L, ie I used to think a 25L, 2 1/8" thick Pug was my go to board-now it's 23L and 1.75" (sk8 deck) on the same board. I know the volume picture gets a bit muddled with the sk8 deck, so it's not really a linear decrease of volume. But man the feeling of having your feet so close to the water and the leverage it provides is hard to beat. I find myself going w more length to allow for riding boards this thin-I'm 137lbs and ride a 5'2 x 19.5 x 1.8 SuperBuzz but could probably go easily with a 5'0 or less if I went a bit thicker-but I can't get over the feel.

Maybe it's just a reverse mid-life crisis and I'm deluded myself around my floundering out there-well I'm having fun in my own little fantasy world anyway

ps concave decks from other shapers? In my experience-total (expensive) fail


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Feb 23, 2010
What's the feedback on The Thing? There's one for a good $$ on C-List and I'm tempted.
the ones that me and my buddy got were basically HP shortboards. slightly wider tail but very foiled and kind of rockered out. not exactly what I was expecting tbh.
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Dec 27, 2019
What's the feedback on The Thing? There's one for a good $$ on C-List and I'm tempted.
what dims?

i had a 6-3 squash tri fin that i liked alot as a kinda step up

then i had a 6-2 round tail quad that i didnt connect with so well

overall tho i think good boar but like most stretches it like a bowly wave


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Aug 28, 2003
San Francisco
Was browsing CL and found a board for sale that was mine nearly 8 years ago.

I rode this board really hard and then sold it to a friend who rode it really hard.

Then I saw it out in the water again a few years later with another guy enjoying it.

Pretty incredible it's still in this good of condition. Real testimant to the work stretch does.