Sprained MCL taking a long time to heal.

May 11, 2010
I'm goofy and surfing a small right, back foot slipped off the outside rail and knee went left while the rest of me went right and back into the wave. instantly knew something was bad. Had a long hobble back to the truck.

It's getting slowly better but going on 8 weeks and still can't surf. Any tips on speeding up recovery would be much appreciated. Been using Arnica and light stretches everyday. Work a lot on my feet everyday to so lots of walking, bending and standing.



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Dec 19, 2002
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6 or 8 weeks would be about right for this to heal. Depending on how severely you strained that MCL though you could have associated damage to the cartilage as well. Was there any swelling? Plus if you are that active you could prolong the healing phase. At 2 months it would perhaps be advisable to have it checked out by a professional.