So how big's it gonna get Wed/Thurs/Fri on west coast?


Phil Edwards status
Sep 17, 2012
The boat yard in SB is falling into the water. They lost a good chunk of real estate this morning (big chunks of asphalt) into the ocean. There's a little sand cliff about 3' high, butting up to the edge of the yard and as of this AM they were pulling stuff out with a crane as surges kept eroding it a few inches at a time. The yacht club was lucky enough to put rocks along the back edge of their property years ago. 100% of the building was on it's stilts and standing over surging water/waves this morning.


Gerry Lopez status
Mar 28, 2010
Who did they buy out? I never knew they had competition.

There's a lot of cringy stuff about Surfline, but there old LOLA was the sh!t. You could zoom in and individual spots and get accurate swell height. Over a decade ago I used it to track one of the biggest swells to ever hit Mexico. It was like 155-165 or some crazy SE direction...going parrallel and out see to the SoCal Coast. I saw on LOLA one particular place was showing 20 ft. reading while everywhere else was waist high. I decided to make the drive and have a buddy float us on with a dependent I.D.. Heaviest day I've ever seen in SoCal. Below see level mutant bombs. Thank you LOLA. I think that's the reason they retired it. Too accurate.
Pretty sure they, or whoever the parent company is, owns Magicseaweed and Swellnet.

Duffy LaCoronilla

Duke status
Apr 27, 2016
Great, uncrowded surf late this AM.

One of the county's most popular spots - thumping rights off the pier, 3 ft overhead zone

4 guys in the water

I mean really, where the hell was everybody? :roflmao: :shrug:

Santa Barbara?

Then a drive up the coast - pretty much everything looked unmanageable, aside from Swarmi's
Everyone is/was at sand bar/Ledbetter/El cap.
Sandbar was as big as I’ve ever seen. Set waves were too big right before dark yesterday.

Duffy LaCoronilla

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Apr 27, 2016
I was hoping for "crowded."
I didn’t go up there. Friend did and said it was lumpy and too big and too high tide and “at least” 150 people out.

Probably really good right now but crazy crowd.

Here in town all the parking spots were taken by cars from south and north. All of CA descended on SB.

Swell has dropped significantly so y’all can go back home now.


Tom Curren status
Apr 8, 2006
How was El Cap?
I checked it yesterday afternoon and it was breaking in places I've never seen it break before. There were a few guys out but mostly dodging bombs. Not the usual lineup. Even a left??? in the cove every now and then. I imagine it's good and every guy from SLO to Goleta is on it.