sicker than a dog

surf cat

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Jan 14, 2002
Dear Surf Doc <BR>Surf Cat is sicker than a dog! I think I’m passing a kidney stone. Either that or I tweaked my back cutting back on my new Bonzer? It started 8 days ago I got take out Chinese food and that night I sick! lucky I felt better the morrning. For the past week I have been afraid of food and have lost 12 lb.. since I got my board. Everyone wants me to go to the hospital.<BR>Monday will be the 27th anniversary of the last time I missed a day surfing. 9,862 days.<BR>I’m going for it.<BR>Can you think of anything to help pass a stone?<BR>Do you think those "Sobe" drinks could cause them?


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Dec 19, 2002
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That's an impressive surfing streak, on the other hand you need to be healthy to keep that streak alive not to mention yourself.<BR>Go for a quick dip and then head over to the urgent care for a urinalysis and any other tests your local surf doc might suggest. Lots of fluids are generally a good thing, but Sobe has too much sugar for my liking.<P>Good luck!