Rounded pin tail twins

Apr 29, 2013
Interesting, that Pyzel appears to have FCS Fusion boxes. Right? Don't see enough of those in boards coming out these days.


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Jan 4, 2010
I have oestes roundtail album in my possession. what a trippy board.

the shapers album twins are lazer sharp, like griffin sharp. I'm either going to shred, or kill someone that gets in my way.
Ya, sharp as..fumbling in the dark for my Twinsman the other day that same fin cut my finger!
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Apr 6, 2014
S. Redondo
Can we get some comparo notes on the sparkplug v twinsman? @oeste858
I’m on my first order with Mr. Stamps and he’s definitely the most CS-orientated shaper I’ve dealt with (in a strictly online online platform). The solid customer service makes me want to get another board on order, but I want to make sure the 5’8 Varial Flare works out first.

My two issues with my Varial 5’6 Twinsman are: the super chonky rails take my stock-meter down a notch every time I grab it. It redeems itself quickly if the waves are CH+, but it doesn’t have the sexy performance rail feel I’ve been conditioned to appreciate over the years.

The second issue is pretty much a continuation of the first, but while the TM is not a complete soft turd in the small stuff, it’s the worst choice out of the three similar sized boarts I can choose from, while being huskier than the other two in the size range (CI/Varial NB2 and HS Psych Germ in Futureflex).

I’m assuming the Sparkplug has more tapered rails and if it can excel better than the TM in below average waves and hold its own where the TM shines (CH - HH+), I would probably get more use out of the Sparklplug where I live.

I had a really good twin from a local shaper (Dan Cobley) that was inspired by the Stacey Bullet Twin and has many of the positives the TM has (free like a twin, but didn’t need to be nursed through turns) and that board’s downfall was that it felt heavy compared to my Varial and EPS boards (it was a traditional PU boart).

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Sep 11, 2017
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Can we get some comparo notes on the sparkplug v twinsman? @oeste858
Yeah, gonna need a few more rides this week. It’s hard to describe sarfbort feelz, but… initial impression: stumps feels more “twin-y” than TM, like an MR twin with modern updates.
I’d say they are capable of similar performance on a wave, but pretty different feel doing it. I’ll try to compare the outlines this week, but the boars feel very different under the arm and paddling due to the concave deck and unusual rail profile of the TM. Stumps rails are probably much closer to what you're used to, @ChaseTMP
Some have said TM is front-footed and maybe that’s one reason it feels so intuitive to me, but others might not click with it.
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