repairing scratches in carbon foil

I got a few barnacle scrapes on my Armstrong 1050 wing. Not super deep, but deep enough to think I should fill them? What do you guys recommend for filling (or just sanding out) scratches on a carbon wing? Bye bye stripes it was nice knowing you!1050 scratch.jpg


Billy Hamilton status
Nov 1, 2005
Tape off the stripes before sanding to save them.

I kinda gave up on sanding out scratches, they just reappear surfing the local spots around here.
Mar 2, 2019
That foil looks fine. Just ignore it. As the foil dries, is there any salt crust forming that would suggest the foam core is absorbing water? If not, then the carbon/epoxy layers are not broken and you're good to go. Use it for the next 4 months until the next latest greatest foil comes along.

If you can't stand the look, then you could wetsand, and spray on clear acrylic Krylon UV. Then buff with a Scotch pad.

For a truly damaged foil, hit up your local board builder for some Resin Research epoxy with additive F, microballoons, and cabosil and apply after sanding and removing dust, then a lot of sanding, and buffing. You can try one of the epoxy ding repair kits and add some microballons or chopped up carbon fiber, but they don't cure hard enough to sand easily and leave a poor feather with the original material. You could also sand and gel coat.