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Dec 31, 2008
First wave I ever rode standing up was Waikiki, 1988. I was 9. I didn’t see any naked women pooping in the streets but man does 9 year old subway wish he had!
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Jan 4, 2009
San Diego
My friends and I would take the Beach bus (had surf racks in the bus) from Hawaii Kai to Waikiki in the 70's to surf. We learned at the Wall ,and then slowly went to the other breaks in Waikiki as we got better. We would stay all day. It was a blast and completely homeless or sketchy types. Much aloha from the beach boys and locals.
Just got back from Kauai and met a couple on the shuttle bus back to our car. It was their first time in Hawaii and stayed in Waikiki. They were shocked and kinda traumatized while there. Day and night, they were accosted by the homeless, screaming at them to go home and other taunts. At night, they would not venture far from their hotel. Nightmare!!!! What the hell are the politicians doing over there? Very Sad.
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