Recommendations for Online Travel sites.


Legend (inyourownmind)
Mar 9, 2003
The Nard
I've used Expedia, Orbitz, Pleasant Holidays. Planning a trip to the Big Island and Lanai is September. Any recommendations for an all in one travel site. Need hotel, airfare, and car rental. Pleasant has all the above but seems to charge a little more than the others. Thanks.



Nep status
Dec 8, 2017
Costco Travel for sure!

Just went to Kauai thru costco travel. Car, hotel, flights. Only bummer when we booked a couple few months out is that they don't have control over the flights cost when you book. However once it is booked, you are locked in. When we booked at night, it said it couldn't confirm the flights, so the next morning we tried again, and the flights went up $5-600!! had to scale back our trip a couple days to compensate for the flight increase.

Also, after watching that same package on their site the next couple months, I noticed that booking during the week on a tuesday or wednesday, the package was cheaper, so keep that in mind. And if you are executive member you get 2% back at end of year from costco, enough so to upgrade to executive membership prior to booking, $$ will get back to you later.

Their packages are definitely better than pleasant holidays or expedia, travelocity, aaa, etc. They often include extras other than flight, car, hotel, like a credit, or include breakfast, or no hotel fees, etc.

Don't forget to use a points based credit card as well, all adds up for future travel! And do research on tripadvisor, and sometimes yelp beforehand so you know what to expect.

Hopefully others will comment as well, always good to know other sites that are good to shop on.