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May 14, 2005
idk about yall but after watching all these mason ho edits my floaters are all time
I've done more floaters in the past year than my entire career (career!? lol)


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Aug 6, 2003
Jacksonville Beach
If surfing was a video game, and you had to rate your character out of 10 in key skills categories, what would you give yourself?
I think I'm very good to great at groveling for a fatass and generally well-behaved in the lineup.

Is my frontside roundhouse good because all anyone wants to do anymore is pump for a flyaway?

Copypasta, ilking are solid 9s, minimum.

Complaining, I'm a fucking 14 on the 10 scale. Do not step to.
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Jan 21, 2014
West of the Atlantic. East of the ICW.
So we have learned most of us suck!!
this thread needs more pics....
Up until 10 years ago I surfed pretty OK. Been a slow slide downhill ever since. These days, 52, over the hill, still clinging to my self shaped and glassed shortboards. Don't have many pictures of me as I'm usually the guy taking the pictures. Most recent shot I have from a late season Caribbean trip last spring.

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Michael Peterson status
Dec 16, 2010
Cabo, Mexico
Tube riding - 3... need more toob time
Frontside snaps/cutbacks - 8
Lip bashing - 8
Airs - 3... don't really aim for it
Backside snaps - 8
Floaters - 7
Paddle Power - 8
Groveling - 8
Charging - 8
Style - 8 when calm, about 6 when not
Aloha - 7 on a regular basis
Regulating/Hassling - 5... I try to avoid it

Injured Knee Debuff: -2 All Skills


Billy Hamilton status
Apr 21, 2018
Tube riding - 5 (8 frontside and at a perfect point break, 1 on my backhand total luck of the draw if I get one)
Cutbacks - 6 (Marked myself down as I tend to do weak slides too often, because I like them)
Lip bashing - 7 (I can get to 12 in my head, which probably means 10:30 or 11 in the real world )
Airs - 1 (this is the number which I have landed successfully)
Backside snaps - 4 (Growing up on a right hand point break sounds great, until you need to go the other way)
Floaters - 7 (Dont do too often, but i rock n roll them fairly often when I do)
Paddle Power - 5 (I'm strong, but god knows why I suck at paddling)
Groveling - 6
Charging - 4 (I'm a pussy)
Style - error:<file not found>
Aloha - 10 (I'm a pretty happy guy)
Regulating/Hassling - 1 ( Unless it's a white guy with dreads. I drop in on those without thinking about it. Guilty until proven innocent in this case)
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Billy Hamilton status
Apr 13, 2016
Tube riding - 1, needs to be a gimme or I'm goin' down
Cutbacks - 6, probably my strongest skill
Lip bashing - 3, backside feels like nooners, looks like 10 pm, frontside feels and looks worse
Airs - 0, my attempts are good for a laugh for who are fortunate enough to witness
Floaters - 6, love 'em
Paddle Power - 5, I really don't know how to judge this? Better than my friends but worse than my brother in law who got a full ride swim scholarship?
Groveling - 6, get lots of practice 'round these parts
Charging - 4, gotten better over the years but still prone to occasionally bitching out
Style - 5, could be worse
Aloha - 10, lots of laughing at myself
Regulating/Hassling - 4, I try not to but sometimes I can't help myself
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Phil Edwards status
Oct 17, 2007
valley purgatory
Tube riding - FS 6 BS 3. Although I don’t jump off so that’s maybe +1 more
Cutbacks - yes
Lip bashing - 5/7
Airs - that’s gonna be a no for me
Floaters - Adriano level :)
Paddle Power - 7 not riding mid lengths yet
Groveling - 9 - years of SB living
Charging - 7 - my friends have abused most of the pussyism out of me
Style - none
Aloha - 8 I can be an asshole sometimes
Regulating/Hassling - 0-100 depends hahaha


Miki Dora status
Dec 19, 2003
How about surfing while intoxicated? The 20w category!
My aunt and uncle had a house in baja 80s 90s 2000s so warm afternoons full of coronas we would surf the hard to access reef out behind their house. Good times! I posted the story before of how I won the 4th of July Grandview open beer open, that was partly by skipping a heat of double pints by avoiding the repercharge, and when my wife swam out during the finals and her top came off, distracting everyone, I got the one set and nabbed a little tube. My greatest contest Victory!
Happy Veterans Day