Quick Reminder Regarding Threats And Topics Here on The erBB

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Mar 16, 2006
Hey everyone,

GS here. Just felt like we have had enough inflammatory comments here on the erBB to warrant a quick overview of some guidelines

Threats towards other users are completely off-limits. Whether or not there is actual intent behind a threat makes no difference; any threats will result in an immediate, irrevocable, permanent ban.

With the election coming up and many users here having some strong opinions regarding the state of our country today, we ask that ANY political threads be contained solely in the POLITICS forum. And with that being said, anyone venturing into the politics forum; you have been warned that there is likely to be some strong opinions expressed there. Keep those strong opinions in the POLITICS forum.

I know that 2020 has, and continues to be, a very difficult year for many of us. Please remember to treat your fellow erBB members with the respect and kindness we all could use at this moment. Share your stoke, wisdom, energy, dirty jokes, lasagna recipes, new board pics, and anything regarding the world of surfing. But please, keep it civil.

I really don't like having to use the ban hammer, but I will if necessary.

Don't let this happen again or else it's....
Not open for further replies.