Pukas 69er StepDown - NY - 400$


EuroBro selling a 6'2" INNCA 69er StepDown, in NYC, surf all over LI, could arrange a delivery + surf + beer. Long time SurferMag forum lurker, I keep my boards in an impeccable manner and storage.


Measurements are 6'2" x 21.5 x 2.88; 41.49 liters, 5xFCS 2 tabs. 5 FCS 2 Carver fins included, all my boards are Futures.
Made from the Pukas INNCA technology, this thing feels crisp, has a great pop and feels durable.
The board is lightly used, maybe 15 surfs in it, it's too floaty for me, even in the East Coast. It's incredibly light, but should have gone down a liter or so.
A few pressure marks, a professionally repaired ding, but looks brand new. More pics if required.

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