Protesting Contests at Your Local


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Dec 31, 2008
As my local is usually the most shapely (and oftentimes the only) rideable wave for twenty miles in either direction, it's the preferred contest/event venue for every burgeoning surf charity, t-shirt vendor, cause, etc. It's besieged with surf parents screaming at kids from the shorebreak at least once a month year-round, and every weekend from July-October. This certainly isn't the highest and best use of a highly trafficked public resource, but the recreational surfer has no voice. I hate sounding like a curmudgeon, but jeez, when's enough enough?

Anyone ever staged a protest to take a break back? I really need to move, but poor life choices mean I'm stuck here for another 5 years at least.
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Feb 20, 2003
most of the time they have a beach permit, but not a water permit. so its legal to surf in their contest zone.
but thats kinda fuckin with the kids, so i dont do it


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Aug 9, 2006
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I think it's harder to rein in amateur events than professional ones. With pro events you can decry the evil outside corporations taking advantage of the community, but with amateurs its basically youth sports, and becomes as effective as lobbying the city council to let you are your friends book Saturday and Sunday mornings at your local soccer field.


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Jul 27, 2014
around san diego
I say challenge enforcement, as mentioned.

What’s the worst they’re going to do? Can you trespass in an ocean?

Once you’re off land there are no laws.... riiiiight?


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May 28, 2005
Years ago, there was a ‘club’ contest at Cardiff Reef that began with the lot being closed from Friday through Sunday (except for those who arrived before first light). No passes were required, no paid parking stubs required. The Swami’s Club got a beach only pass by the State and held their contest. Some of the locals surfed just North of Suck Outs and Suck Outs which is long board unfriendly. There was a lot of noise by the announcer and suggestions that ‘unauthorized’ surfers be run out of the water. Long story short, complaints were filed by a number of parents and adult surfers as to the perceived misconduct by the contest organizers to include threats, etc. All future Swami’s contests required they pay for the privilege of having the water included in their application (required additional lifeguards, a jet ski, etc., and severely restricted the contestants to waves South of Suck Outs at a substantial additional cost to the clubs. Swami’s Club thought it was ‘no problem’ to hold their contests at Cardiff Reef rather than the Swami’s break... not so much. Locals got their breaks back for a few years.