prolly not gonna vote for this guy


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Oct 14, 2017
The Heisman Trophy winner said he reached a breaking point in February 2001. Furious with a man who was late delivering a car, Walker hopped in his Mercedes sedan with a loaded gun to hunt him down.
“The logical side of me knew that what I was thinking of doing to this man — murdering him for messing up my schedule — was not a viable alternative,” Walker wrote. “But another side of me was so angry that all I could think about was how satisfying it would feel to step out of the car, pull out the gun, slip off the safety, and squeeze the trigger. It would be no different from sighting at the targets I’d fired at for years — except for the visceral enjoyment I’d get from seeing the small entry wound and the spray of brain tissue and blood — like a Fourth of July firework — exploding behind him.”
As Walker drove to find the man, he said an internal struggle played out in his head. He pulled to a stop after seeing a “SMILE JESUS LOVES YOU” sticker on the back of a truck.


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Jan 22, 2016
There was a time when dolts were uncomfortable showing the world they were dolts.

Now it's a badge of honor.

MTG urging the world to get rid of gay marriage because the bible says so while she gets divorced after cheating on her husband. Walker wanting to get rid of abortion after paying for multiple abortions. Trump touting law and order and he pillages for his own good. It's all just a reality show at this point.


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Dec 3, 2010
No he doesn’t. He actually never says anything that isn’t aimed at a poster. There’s never any political points discussed, unless you consider the science of solar panels political.
More devastation!

Actually, that’s a lie.

Kala Alexander isn’t Hawaiian is the subject of your best none political post.