Portugal, Spain and France in January

Feb 22, 2019
Traveling for two weeks on the coast in the three countries listed in the title.

Half the trip I’ll be in Ericeira and the other half I’ll be driving the coast through Spain and France. As fun as the really good spots sound I’m looking for the more secluded and less frequented areas. Also if anyone knows of protected areas from stormy conditions if I happen to get unlucky with the weather would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for any tips.
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Nep status
Dec 28, 2002
Portugal - go closer to the city for more protection. Ericeira has nooks but overall it is pretty exposed. Of course if you catch decent wind conditions, you will score.


Phil Edwards status
Apr 1, 2002
If the storm gets close and the wind swings out of the south, the north coast of Spain is offshore. Just might have to find a spot that can handle size.


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