Portugal June/July

May 13, 2022
Hey there,

I'm headed to Lisbon for 1 week and then to the coast for 1 week, starting June 24th and ending July 9th. I'm looking to surf around\near Praia do Guincho next week but looks like heavy NW winds. Trying to decide on which board to bring (fish/small wave shortboard/step up). Any local Portugal fellows willing to give me the low down on where to go/what these conditions will shape up to next week? Any protected spots from the wind around Praia do Guincho? What's the best bet for waves?

Thanks a ton.


Michael Peterson status
Jan 14, 2020
probably not much waves there that time of year, was there for a month in March and there were many northerly wind days. you can drive to the south facing coast to get the offshore winds but the swell will always be smaller, fine when it's maxing on the west facing portion but not so much in summer time. probably not gonna need a step up that time of year unless you get some type of freak cyclone swell sending longer period energy to shore.