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Nov 15, 2010
it would take at least 3 reps to handle my book, plus support staff. I do it myself, with one shared,somewhat inept, though well intentioned coordinator.
Any interest in replacing them with a slightly less inept coordinator?
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Jul 14, 2002
Those are remnant ads. Inventory that went unsold to more attractive brands and was dumped to the bidder of last resort.

You've got different tiers of ad spenders bidding in an automated process that organizes from those most willing to pay for a good placement to those least willing that looks roughly like this:

- Brand advertising - awareness focused ads for established brands
- "Mid funnel" ads from bigger brands that sit below the brand awareness ads intended to drive traffic to a site
- "Low funnel" ads for big brands focused on a specific outcome - usually a purchase
- Performance/low funnel ads for DTC brands - this is what instagram is dominated by
- Absolute dog sh!t low funnel, what you posted here


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Dec 31, 2008
Any interest in replacing them with a slightly less inept coordinator?
If I could find a coordinator as smart and hungry as i was in my mid late 20s I would probably double my billing.

I spoil the little bastard too. Anytime I get a good check, or he at least does a mediocre job covering me while I’m away, I give him a few hundred un taxed bucks. Adds up fast for a 25 year old living in his moms basement already making 55k here plus 401 and bennies.

But he will just never be me and he knows it. He wants what I have but he sees what I do to earn it. time for him to give his nuts a tug and make some important quarter life decisions.


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Apr 8, 2006
Google took in $55B in ad revenue in Q3 of FY22
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Jul 14, 2002
We feed every part of the funnel. There is math I swear.

remnant? While impressed with your use of industry lingo you are way off. That DKNY was 100,000 for 75 of those screens on a shared loop. That ain’t remnant bud and yes we often influence buying decisions closest to time of purchase. That’s why people line up to buy us and our stuff proves high ROI without fail

Connecticut tourism paid 200k for 4 weeks on those grand central digitals. 7th most visited tourist attraction in the world plus 400,000 commuters and other New Yorkers every day. Tell me what medium reaches an audience that wealthy and large in such high res un block able form.

oh I just realized you were talking about the dreck that normally pops up on the banners here.
Here I am like “motherfooker that is some grade A OOH right there, that ain’t dog sh!t”.
Broheim, I'm referring to the digital ads OP posted. [edit: see now that you figured that out by the end of your diatribe :roflmao:]

100% remnant inventory.

I do the same thing you do but on the digital side.

But to what extent do those translate into revenue?
An unsold ad slot translates to $0 in rev. Might as well fill it with whatever scraps are available.

Or do you mean revenue for the companies buying those ads? In that case it just takes one sucker out of a million to make the investment pay off.
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Jul 7, 2004
I’m in media and I’m always competing to take away marketing dollars from these endless, jumbled and ineffective online and banner ads blah blah blah incromprehensible rant
What are you talking about? This is a thread about shitty internet ads and you're going off about how successful your barely tangentially related ad business is. Since you're clearly an expert, can you answer the original question around why those crappy ads exist (the ones the OP posted)?


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Mar 30, 2009

Our dog gets this treatment. I add mayo, milk, cottage cheese or something else nice for his dinner.

Here he is after his Christmas dinner
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