Ok, guys....hear me out......A Bernie-Bloomberg ticket.


Tom Curren status
Aug 6, 2003
Jacksonville Beach
This is a terrible idea. My Florida campaign "naturlol causes" idea is way better than this. You picked someone sure to alienate the center (for the top of the ticket) and someone sure to alienate the country (in case the guy who isn't going to be alive within four years winds up not being alive within four years).

Rich guys are the smallest component of the Republican Party and you're already flipping enough of them. Try not to scare the holy hell living sh!t out of the people who proved they'd come out and vote for you two years ago. The Senate is the better prize than the White House anyhoo. Trump will be a lame duck a little more than two years from now if he wins. Mitch McConnell won't and he's the more formidable opponent.

You want a post-Trump GOP primary with Chuck and Nancy sending Orange Julius background check bills, infrastructure bills, etc. on a weekly basis. RBG can die all she wants if Chuck's got 51 votes.

Bernie = Humphrey and Warren = McGovern.