Offshore wind farm approved.


Tom Curren status
Jul 28, 2005
33.8N - 118.4W
How many of China's windmills are 15 miles from shore in the ocean? There are places where wind turbines are a good idea. 15 miles out in the Atlantic in a harsh salt air environment isn't one of them.
Good enough for oil rigs. And do the oil rig maintenance guys and their equipment swim or use sail to get out there ? Or diesel?

I'm thinking I'd rather have a wind turbine break down off my coast rather than an oil rig.



Duke status
Jan 30, 2016
Urbana, Illinois
They are planning a wind farm 15 miles off the beaches where I live. The vessels that will be building and maintaining the wind turbines will be running out of a facility 110 miles away. How much diesel fuel will it take to build and maintain the turbines over the course of 15 years?

The company whos name is on the side of this ship is who will be building the windmills off my shore.

Explain your thought process here. Do you think they're commuting 110 miles via boat each day to build the wind turbines?